Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Frustration…

The weekend is already here and I’m not prepared( loud wailing ). I have so much work to get done today its not funny. A weekend for me can never be enjoyed in its true spirit unless you start to get into the mood for some serious relaxing before the weekend actually starts. Okay, to put it simply, I don’t like working on Fridays or for that matter on any other day. I ask God (very dramatically) sometimes, ‘Why God? why wasn’t I born in the house of an oil-rich sheikh or the daughter of a fabulously wealthy rancher in Australia?’ After giving some thought to my own question, I came to the conclusion that God knows I would still have found some reason to whine and maybe said something like this, ‘Why God why wasn’t I born into a more intellectual family or into a more loving family no matter if it was mice-poor or something to that effect’. I am indeed a great one for complaining. I can do it loudly and under my breath, indirectly as a caustic comment or taunt and even when I’m sobbing uncontrollably between hiccups. I'm sure there is something deeply annoying about my whiny tone that get's on people's nerves. I do it purposely to annoy people. And, its not fair for me to work on Fridays or on any other day of the week. There I have already started feeling so much better, lighter in spirit and ballerina like in my movements. Enjoy your weekend you guys…

My 55 is here which I am linking to the g-man as usual…

Your love was silent, true and strong
Shown through your eyes not your words
Drenched me in warm sunshine
But left me shivering when it was gone.
Flowers in the month of May
Remind me of that one shared glorious day
My heart kept beating long after that
But its rhythm was melancholy and sad.


  1. Moaning out loud AND under your breath is a great talent ;0)

    great 55 although a little sad :0(

  2. very nice great 55...i have been there. shivering as well. smiles.

    my 55 is up!

  3. Lost love past is the water of today's love. Mine is here.

  4. @ ED - I know just couldn't help it. Damn when will this sad streak end.

    @ Brian Miller - Read it and loved it.

    @ John's comments - Lovely thought!

  5. Good thoughts about learning to be content with our lot. Your 55 is a sad lament about lost love, especially liked the line about the heart continuing to beat long afterwards.

  6. My ex and I used to have a running joke, after one particularly sad display on my part where I collapsed on the carpet and went from whining about the curtains I was trying to make to a whole list of grievances dating back to my childhood. After that when one of us started into complaints, the other would say, "Why don't we lie on the floor and moan and review past injustices?"

  7. Very nice, although a little sad - I enjoyed this a lot!

    My 55 is here if you'd like to read.

  8. Jana thank you so much for finding me because I am laughing out loud right now and tickled to find you. Love what I found on here so far and looking forward to being your latest follower.
    Please keep in touch

  9. Love the shivers that last long after.

    Great 55, mine is up

  10. Jana...
    This was fantastic...Again!
    You have a wonderful way of capturing a moment in time.
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  11. your flash 55 is absolutely beautiful. sorry you have so much to do this weekend :( maybe you could relax for at least an afternoon or something?

  12. I love it! I love drama and whining until I get my way.

  13. I really like this 55. Good writing. I for one only go by what people do, not what they say because what they do shows who they really are.

  14. Why couldn't we just have a money tree or something wherein the only work we'd have to do was to pick money from the tree? Wouldn't that be nice? =) I hope that you still find a way to enjoy the weekend despite the work load. =)
    Great 55. That was so full of emotions.

  15. @Peter Stone - I am one of those people who will always grumble about their lot so sorry.

    @secret agent woman - that must have been so therapeutic.

    @ greg - Thanks, it was born out of a sad emotion.

    @Grandma Yellow hair - of course I will Maggie, I treasure all the people who take the time and effort to give me precious moments of their time.

    @Vodka Logic - Thank You.

    g-man - I'm so relieved I haven't dissapointed you yet. Have a great weekend.

    @alladinsane12 - I'll be busy but busy doing something that gives me joy so I'll be ok. You have a great weekend dear.

    @Pam - Me too!

    @Technobabe - That's how it should be otherwise it only leads to heartbreak.

    @ChinkyGirlMel - I'll do my best to relax dreaming about that money tree. You have a smashing weekend!


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