Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Marching to a popular beat...

It seems I’m all for following the trend lately. But can you really blame me when I see people around me doing all kinds of creative and interesting stuff which begs to be taken part in. So here I go with my first Post it Tuesday the idea for which came from the awesome Samantha at Apple Juice and Milk and the oh so talented Supah Mommy whose clear instructions made this a piece of cake for someone as technically challenged as me.

Things are extremely sloppy here so do forgive me all you Gods and Goddesses of blogging as this is my first post it Tuesdays post. I promise I will get better with time just like a good wine. In my defense for someone as technically challenged as me even to attempt this was a mammoth task and involved many a tear of frustration and profuse sweating!!!


  1. Great post it's! Yours are really fun to read! It's fun to write them too, isn't it?
    It's only my second Post It Note Tuseday today and I'm loving it :-)
    xox talamee

  2. @ talamee - Gee thanks..well they are fun to write…m going over to read yours!

  3. No, I really liked yours, they're not messy :)
    I added your site to the "Blogs I like" so I will be able to read your blog whenever you update it :)

    Sorry that you probably were not able to understand the poem... i might just translate it :)

    xoxox talamee

  4. Yay for your first PNT!! Great notes! ^_^

  5. Love your post-it notes! I'm going to have to try this out....when I figure out how to get the post-it's to stick to my computer!
    Yeah, I know, it is always confusing, so I'm going to have to go to Ian, cap in hand, and ask him how this magic is done.
    Why does all the handwriting look the same? This is one thing that puzzles me!
    Happy Tuesday!

  6. Post-Its are always so fun! You have great Post-Its!

  7. Do we have the same neighbors?? I am sooo following you now- hope you can stop by my place soon! Oh, an dI'll ask Aphrodite to send some serious lightning bolts to strike the next person that tells you you've gained weight!!

  8. I love your post-its! Post It Note Tuesday is my favorite!

  9. who on earth goes around telling people they've put on weight? slap them beeyatches! :)

  10. @Brianne - Thanks. You've given me hope to try again!

    @Alice in Wonderland - It's some kind of tech thing to state the obvious about the handwriting. I know what a struggle it was to put them up but they are so worth it. Will post better next time I promise.

    @Samantha - Thank You. They really are...

    @Aphrodite's Mortal friend(ME) - I was thinking of something along the same lines...we are going to be really tight if you know what I mean...

    @Kat - M on my way there. Im happy that you liked them. Makes it all worth it.

    @alladinsane12 - insensitive, thoughtless, vindictive so and sos.

  11. @talamee - Hi I would like that very much I'm sure your poetry would be as good as your writing is!


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