Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little time on a Tuesday...

I have started to sound like a one track record with my constant rants about being unbelievably, frustratingly, annoyingly, going crazy with busyness, busy. Nevertheless that is the sad truth and there is no escaping it. Sorry, if I have not been able to visit and comment on all of your blogs as frequently as I usually do. The only reason you are seeing this post today is because it was already scheduled in advance.

So this is how my Post it Tuesday will roll which I am linking up to the ever so ingenious Supahmommy…go to her blog if you find this irresistible and want to do something similar…



  1. Hey, have a good week, just ignore those annoying people! everybody has their annoying people in their office so i know what you mean :)
    I also need to get shoes!! :-)

  2. Annoying people can be a problem. Ignore them all. Including the woman!
    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog...:)

    Have a good day!

  3. @talamee- Hi, Make sure to get some nice ones and i'm trying my best to ignore her...

    @Mr Stupid- You are welcome...she is just so dumb and irritating at the same time!

  4. Endeavor to persevere My Dear!

  5. Good deal with the shoes.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  6. Where is your secret hiding place?
    Glad I don't work in your office. Just sayin'.

  7. A great crop of post-its! New sexy shoes rock!!!

  8. Drown the world in spit?! Thats hilarious!

  9. The post it notes are great! Short and snappy!

  10. those were great! i love the one about our secret hiding place- it sounds incredibly relaxing and comfy! and yay for new shoes! those can always brighten up my week!

  11. I love these little post-it notes! Yours just had me in stitches, but I don't like the fact of drowning in your spit!
    Just ignore the stupid woman, you'll get your revenge eventually, just wait and see!

    Thanks for reading all my drivel on my tag!
    Big hugs!

  12. Ignore the annoying!

    Visiting from Supah's :)

  13. Oh dear please! I know what those ppl are called at work. Weasels :P I wonder if I might be a weasel to someone else too. My snooty self may want to believe otherwise though ;)

    Liked ur notes but.


  14. @g man- Will try.. again!

    @ I am Harriet- Yup it was.

    @Technobabe-it wouldn't be secret if I told you.


    @The Blue Zoo-They really do...

  15. I used to be okay with working late....not so much, any more.

    I love the Woody Allen Quote.

    Also, I hideaway is best when it is raining lightly!

  16. Sorry about being spitting mad. :/

    I hate lending out my favorite books too.

  17. Never lend out your favorite books! That's what libraries are for! Give away the ones you don't want to keep and hide the favorites.

  18. Hey, there is an award and a tag for you over at my site!

  19. @Debra She who seeks-Thank You!

    @alladinsane12- Thanks..and my hideaway is sooo cosy...

    @Alice in Wonderland-Good that I made you laugh and anythng bad wasn't bad for you...Thank you for the award and for tagging me, I will get down to it soon, I promise!

    @Stacey-Will go and see if you have put up notes too. Thanks for visiting me...

    @Eidothia-That's what my sis calls them too!!!

    @Otin-Isn't Woody Allen just amazing?

    @Whispering Writer-Especially when you know the other person will not take good care of your books...

    @Jen-Ha Ha...good idea I'll hand them the address to the library next time!

  20. First off, for me too...shoes are a passion for me.

    Secondly, this post-it entry is super. I now want a hiding place of my own.

    Have a great day.

  21. Some great one-liners up there (grin). Do your new shoes have a stiletto heel? I might feel tempted to "accidentally" stomp on the toe of such an annoying office person (wink)..

  22. This makes me want some new sexy shoes too! :)

  23. Love these post its, and I love new shoes!


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