Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning Madness...

Monday Minute

Following Ian’s checklist, creepy picture- one, Monday Minute- one, answers to crazy questions- five. There may be a new button from next week onwards so I would like to pay homage to this familiar and endearing image. Here are my answers to this week’s questions. If you like talking about weird stuff and are not conscious answering questions of a revealing nature Ian’s blog is the place to go!!!

1 - Ever take a shit in the woods?
Not in the woods no…but out in the fresh air yes. Once, way back in the days when I was  a wee child and visiting my mum’s native village and it was a village in every term of the word. I was merrily learning how to  swim in the stream when I had to do my business and my grandma asked me to do it there, in the sand. After staring at her for a complete minute to make sure she was serious, I did!

2 - If you won $1,000, what's the first thing you would do with it besides give me a cut?
I would probably blow it all on books, books and more books after giving you your cut though.

3 - What's your favorite phrase?
Out of my mind…back in five minutes. It describes me to a t.

4 - Fill in the blank - the world would be a better place if ______ left the planet.
Paris Hilton with her sickening smile and her ‘wows’ and ‘cools’ oh and dirty politicians too!

5 - How do you take your coffee or tea? 
I like my coffee black and steaming; better still if freshly ground.


  1. Love your fave phrase! Describes me too!

  2. You left of the Paris Hilton fave word "HOT"!

    So flippin' annoying.

  3. @The Blue Zoo- That's interesting. BTW loved your answers too!

    @Cara Smith- Thanks for reminding me and yes she is sooo annoying!

  4. LMAO..."out in the fresh air"...Ha..good one..!Paris is definitely one I hadn't thought of but you're right..!

  5. If pooping out in the woods all the time is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

    Saves on my water bill.

  6. I went to a library book sale. The library is closing. I got 12 books for $5. I love books too!
    Loved your poop answer...

  7. I don't like teasers like $1,000 gift. That never happens in real life.

  8. @Robin-Hey good I made you laugh...

    @Moooooog35-You go right ahead and don't mind others. At the end of the day it is you who pays your own bills!

    @Kerri-OoooI'm green with envy now...

    @Mommylisa-That she most definitely is...

    @Technobabe-Ha ha I myself don't like cruel jokes like these...dangling a carrot sort of

  9. The beach is like a big litter box anyway!


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