Friday, April 23, 2010

Life is Good...especially when you get an award!!!

Yay…I have snagged an adorable award and been tagged by the lovely Alice @ Alice in Wonderland who is one of my favourite bloggers and writes the most sumptuous poetry. I must admit this is the second time she has given me this honour and I am pleased as punch, tickled pink, delirious with joy…you get my drift. But, not so delirious that I cannot post about it and announce it to the whole wide world.
Now, as with every tag and award there are certain sweet conditions attached, for what else can they be if not sweet. I have to answer ten simple questions and spread this joy amongst six other bloggers.

Ok, here are my answers to Alice’s questions:
If you were a Disney cartoon character, who would you be?

Minnie Mouse with her long eyelashes and tomboyish attitude.

Sweet or Savoury?
Savoury, I do not have much of a sweet tooth. I love dark chocolate though!

If you could spend an evening with anyone, fact/fiction, living or dead, who would you choose?
I would love to spend an evening in the company of the haughty Mr Darcy and teach him a thing or two about attitude!

Plane, Train or Automobile?
Train, because it’s the most romantic. Sheesh  I can’t believe I admitted that!

Picnic or Cinema?
Picnic, lazing on a warm blanket with a book for company.

Cat or Dog?
Definitely Cat.

Book or D.V.D?
A book, always!

Long hair or short hair?
Long hair. There is no mystery to short hair.

Favourite T.V. Show?
Friends and now the Big Bang Theory.

First Band or Artist that you followed?
Maybe, Norah Jones. I have never followed anyone particularly but I have always loved her music.

It’s easy peasy see?  Now all I have to do is come up with ten awesome questions of my own and pass this award on to six of my favourite bloggers.

My Ten Questions are:

  1. Favourite fictional character?
  2. What or who would you like to be born as in your next life?
  3. Is there anyone in your life with whom you share all your secrets?
  4. What was the most embarrassing nickname you were ever given?
  5. Who is your favourite Friends character?
  6. Tango or the Ballet?
  7. Blind date or Speed dating?
  8. A home cooked meal or eating out?
  9. Favourite movie?
  10. Last thing you do at night?
Now, I simply love this part. I am tagging

Hootin’ Anni
Grandma Yellow Hair

Now, all you have to do is answer my questions and paste my award. Then, feel free to concoct ten questions of your own and pass them and the award to six others.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. @Sophia- Oops spelling error...Thank You!

  3. Congrats on the award. "Friends" was one of my favorite TV shows too.
    Have a good day...:)

  4. I have such a crush on Mr Darcy. Your answers are interesting, I so like the book always answer!
    Now it will be fun to see the blogs you tagged and read their answers. You have some great questions for them.

  5. Thanks so much for the award and tag, Jana! It will be a fun one to do! It may take me a little while to post about this, but don't worry, I will do so -- I'm having some technical issues over at my blog at the moment. Once I learn how to deal with them, I'll be posting this award. Woo hoo!

  6. Hi...Happy Saturday, I didn't get back online after I posted my Friday post because of a power outage. So, I'm here now and gladly accepting the Life is Good...which it is!!!! Thank you so much.

    I'll get to answering your 10 questions, and will post it asap. I'll come back at let you know when it's on my blog.

    Have a great weekend, and thanks again. You made my day.

  7. Congrats and great answers, you sound like an old romantic :0)

    Will pop by and make sure those you tagged have played along...


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