Friday, April 9, 2010

Fridays still leave me frustrated...

This is regrettably one of those days again when I barely have time to stop and take account of what’s going on anywhere else apart from my work…this is starting to become a d—m nuisance! Anyways, all you guys have a nice weekend and hopefully I will have more time next week to go visit each one of you and give you my undivided love and attention.

My Friday Flash 55 is here and those who want to know more about this should definitely go to the amazing…drum rollg-man

'Sara’s mother heard her heartbreaking scream coming from the kitchen
She rushed with her heart beating loud, regretting allowing her child anywhere near a hot stove. The scene that met her eyes left her bewildered…
Sara had climbed up on the kitchen counter while some new born kittens were mewing on the floor near her.’


  1. so why was she screaming? i may just need coffee...i could think of any number of ways my cat would make me scream though.

    my 55 is up!

  2. @ Brian Miller - Sara is scared to death of kittens, cats, dogs and any other animal of a household nature...

  3. a cat phobia? Or just watching kittens being born? What?

    Here is my Flash 55 for the week. [scroll down below my Show n Tell feature]

    Have a wonderful Friday.

  4. Cute story. But I've never heard of being afraid of kittens:)

  5. I thought for a moment your child was the momma cat who could cook... Then I saw our answer to Brian. Sad to be afraid of pets. I bet there are more stories there.

  6. I've had kittens born in the house before, what an event!
    Excellent 55 Jana.
    You Rock!
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  7. Aww, new little kittens. One time one of my cats woke me up on an Easter morning by getting on my bed and kept pushing my arm to wake me. She was ready to have her babies. I got some big towels and she made it clear she wanted me to be with her. It was to exciting.

  8. I used to be afraid of cute.

    my 55 is up

  9. Hope you get some time to yourself this weekend.

  10. @Hootin Anni-A cat phobia yes and it is me in the story, the one who climbed up on the counter!

    @Debbie-trust me debbie I can be afraid of anything under the Sun, some of them too ridiculous to even mention...

    @Pattiken-I know I can never expect to be the spinster with the cats or the crazy old cat lady!!!

    @g man - Thanks. You have a nice weekend too!

    @Technobabe-I am too squamish to help in anything like are brave...

    @Vodka Logic-Good for you you got over your fears...hope I do too someday!

  11. @jj- I hope so too..I need this quite have a great weekend too!

  12. Aww, I love kittens.

    It's dogs that scare me.

  13. how could someone be afraid of cute little kittens? aww- great flash 55 though!

  14. @WhisperingWriter- I'm scared of all animals, big or small, wild or tame, coward that I am...

    @alladinsane-Don't know why but I am.Thanks!


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