Friday, April 16, 2010

Fast Forward to Friday...

Is Friday already here? Just like the girl in my story today I cannot decide if I should rejoice that its Friday or freak out at the total memory wipeout zone, that is my mind. I seem to have no recollection whatsoever of events between Monday and today. All this work is taking its toll on me, and causing me to age before time. Next thing you know I’ll be doing double takes in front of my mirror, making sure it’s not a gray hair that I just spotted.

To even think of all the work that I need to get out of the way before I leave for my vacation leaves me in a apoplectic state. I’d rather pull my nails one by one compared to the dull and slow torture that is my work, at times…no I take it back…I had forgotten about my low pain threshhold. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not that I hate my job or my work, in fact, I could not be happy working in something else. My work requires me to write, which is according to me is the most suitable profession for me. Its just that scary, looming deadlines and repetition takes the fun out of it sometimes.

Anyhoo, enough of my petty complaining. Let’s get on with the most important item on today’s menu which is my Friday Flash 55…To learn more about this or participate go to the awesome g man

She had gotten used to seeing him there everyday, on the same spot as she walked to the bus station.
She was almost sure it was her he waited for.
She was surprised at the feelings that she was feeling.
Should she be scared or excited that she had bagged her very first certified? stalker!

Have a great weekend guys!!!


  1. Is she a teenager? Or grown? I see a young girl with raging hormones that is kinda enjoying it all - not knowing what she could be up against. Okay...I'm being an over-protective parent I guess today.

    Loved your 55.

    Thank you for your wonderful words you left in my comments this morning Jana!!!!Sunrise in the City ---Hope you're having a terrific Friday!!!

  2. scared, most definitely. stalkers are way too scary...and unpredictable. i would love a rob where i wrote...hope you have fun when you go on vacation.

    nice 55. mine is up!

  3. stalkers are very scary. love it had me fooled. thought it was a lover?
    Mine is here
    Have you a great weekend!

  4. are going on a vacation? I'm excited for you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. @Hootin'Anni-Thank You! She is just naive and innocent...

    @Brian Miller-Thanks...yes stalkers are scary and should not be taken lightly

    @Sh@KIR@ CK- That was the whole point of the story...m going over to check yours now

    @ChinkyGirlMel-I am excited too as I am meeting my folks after a long time! Have a nice weekend yourself!

  6. It's a double edged sword, isn't it? Like a secret admirer. Part of you is intriged and part of you is scared. Nicely played out.

  7. I loved this, it wanted me to keep on reading more! Interested in finding out what happened next!
    Have a great vacation, sweetie, and come back with loads of new ideas!
    Have a good time!

  8. Your job is a dream job to lots of people I am sure. Getting ready for vacation is in itself some pressure but with the forward view of adventure. Happy Friday.

  9. Was it wrong for me to laugh at the ending? Oh well, it's the humor I'm stuck with. My 55 is HERE .

  10. Maybe SHE will become the stalker?
    Excellent 55 Jana!
    Thank you so much for this intriguing story.
    This was perfect in every way.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  11. magical words,
    exciting feelings along,
    excellent 55.

  12. I'm laughing. Truth be told the guy could be old or young - I think she should stalk him!!!
    Love it
    Enjoy your vacation

    i'm at

  13. @Yvonne Osborne-I was just trying to think about the feelings that could go through the mind of a young girl…especially if the stalker was handsome

    @Alice in Wonderland-Thanks.Oh no I’m not going on vacation just now…have just finalised plans for it…I am just excited to be taking a break

    @Technobabe-Yup I do not like getting ready especially packing for a holiday…having to remember all those small things

    @Monkey Man-No…you were absolutely right to laugh

    @g man-Hmmm that is worth considering...turning the tables on his head!

    @Ji-Thank You!

    @Leslie-I agree wid you. I think she should stalk him too!

  14. stalkers can get so damn scaryyyyyyyy -_______-

  15. Maybe this guy just waits in the same spot for his ride to work every day, and thinks she is stalking him.

    My 55 is up here.

  16. haha, i think having a stalker could be flattering, in a way! but mostly terrifying!

  17. Sorry to read your so stressed out but going on a trip sometimes does that getting ready for them.
    Honey don't start worrying about gray hair now at your young have plenty of time later to do that...take it from a ole lady who knows...
    Love stopping by here....enjoy your trip

  18. @Manju- There's no doubt they are

    @Pattiken- Interesting take...very much possible

    @alladinsane12- I'm glad we think along the same lines...

    @GrandmaYellowHair- Mostly I am excited bout the trip and thank you so much...


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