Monday, April 12, 2010

How not to make your career choices...

As I have wimped out of taking part in Ian’s Monday Minute I am undergoing intense withdrawal symptoms. It is totally addictive, I am telling you; taking part in his crazy but interesting meme week after week. However, as today’s topic is sex, prude that I am I have decided not to do it(no pun intended) and instead post about something else. Something that will give you a further glimpse into my wonderfully neurotic character. While doing research for my work

Sidebar: this excuse has served me well on a number of occasions when I was doing anything but working at work.

I stumbled upon this thought provoking analysis of what my career choice should be according to my Ruling Number i.e. according to numerology. After having gone through a painful process of calculating my ruling number I made the amazing discovery that I am a number 4. This is what the calculation looked like if you are even remotely interested(and yes my name IS that long)

1+1+5+1+1+8+9+5+5 1+9+5+7+8+1

Now, the amazing prediction which had me giving full rein to my vocal denial:

4s treasure bringing their down-to-earth natures into fields that require attention to detail -- after all, two-time Nobel Prize laureate Marie Curie studied radioactivity for the better part of her life! 4s are also often athletes, due to their preference for a repetitive schedule, and that 4 brand of discipline makes for great accountants, bankers, financial planners, engineers, architects, landscapers and tax lawyers. 4s are also attracted to jobs in organizational and management positions.

Let ME analyze this is detail. Attention to detail? My ability for paying attention to details could give competition, if not totally beat Paris Hilton’s ability for the same. I’d rather not pay any attention to details if Marie Curie’s sad and scary end is anything to go by. I hear she died due to exposure to radioactive materials for most of her life. A fat lot of good it did her, paying attention to details.

I am also supposed to make a good athlete. Okay, just give me a moment to recover from the massive amount of derisive laughter I am laughing. I am as much as an athlete as Tiger Woods is a faithful, committed husband. The most physical activity I undertake in a day is dragging myself from my bed to work and back home again. I would rather go hungry than leave my couch to walk the 10 steps to the fridge.

It also says that I will do good in a profession that allows me to work with numbers. THAT is an outright lie and I am suing these people for mental and emotional harassment. Oh the pain and fear that Math has caused me throughout my childhood. Just this one thing was enough to blight my entire student life.  My mum and dad actually prayed earnestly, everyday, that I would pass in this one subject. I was okay at the rest, but this weakness of mine overshadowed all my other achievements. So I will be an accountant or banker with flourish, when pigs will fly in the clear blue sky.

Now, the last option I can live with, as it says I will do well in organizational and management positions. I am willing to go ahead with this for the simple reason that this will allow me to organize things for my sole benefit and comfort. Isn’t that what good and efficient management is all about?


  1. I once went to a career counselor and took all sort of tests and the final recommendation was I should be a paralegal. I worked full time and night school for two years and got the certificate for paralegal. By then I pretty much knew I did not like it. Hah.

  2. @Technobabe-See that's exactly what I should always do what they feel interested in...

  3. Thanks for the laugh, somehow I feel you are far better in touch with your inner needs, than the former assessment is!

  4. eh, they can't always be right, i guess! ha! and yeah, maybe you don't want to go following in marie curie's steps if it ends in a horrible death...

  5. @g man-Yes to the dissapointment of my many admirers!

    @Shrinky - You're welcome...

    @alladinsane12 - Definitely not!I would only consider going out in a blaze of glory like the phoenix!And you thought you could get rid of me so easily...


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