Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday Relief...

I have been tagged by the wonderful Alice who I am absolutely in awe of, because of her beautiful poetry, to play this rather fun game where I have to tell you seven things about myself which you don’t know yet. I can see a lot of possibilities here, with this becoming a sort of a regular feature. For today though, I am going to stick to revealing the not so serious side of myself as it is a…yes…Wacky Wednesday…I could definitely do with some more of these…Okay here we go:

1) I fell down a long flight of stairs and broke my arm when I was small and, wait for this, my dad managed to stay busy with his work through the entire thing though he was present in the same room. And me being his eldest born too...

2) I was crazy competitive at one time and even pushed a girl off the stage in our annual day function during a dance recital because she was trying to steal my part. Yes that’s me your own Carrie!

3)I like the smell of gasoline which I don’t know qualifies as wacky or not but anyways.

4) I have to have all my things in the place where I last left them…I cannot breathe, truly, if my stuff gets misplaced. And, I have a LOT of stuff...

5) My nickname means knowledge(self satisfied smirk)…do I even have to say anything more?...don't you dare laugh

6) I can finish an entire jar of pickle(mango) in one sitting and even land up in the hospital for this so called feat…

7) I have passed out in the laps of strangers more than once…not on purpose mind you!!!

Now if some of you good people decide to play along with me all you need to do is post seven new things about yourself and pass it on to seven others. Simple isn’t it?

I am tagging

Have fun!


  1. fun, fun..
    i like peanut butter and pickle sandwiches...
    the smell of gas reminds me of days in teh garage with my dad...

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  3. Christ I need to learn to spell...anyhoo:

    I'm not so sure about the pickled mango but I could eat a pint of pickled garlic. I know. It sounds gross but Oh. My. God! Awesome.

    I'll get right on my seven things...but for the next few minutes I have to atleast pretend to look like I'm working {snicker}.

  4. Oh my you like the smell of gas. I have always liked that too. I would stand by the gas cap on my mother's car and sniff the gas and wonder why I liked it so much. And I have to put things back in one place so I can go to the one place and get them again. Thanks for the tag, will get a post up in a few days. Hugs to you all the way over there.

  5. Oh my goodness, you have really passed out on the lap of strangers (giggle)?? Too funny! And if you ask me, that kid on the stage was just begging for it, attempting to steal your part n'all, bloomin' cheek!

    Eeee, so you've decided to pick on me, for this, eh? Tee-hee.. thanks for the shout out, I'll keep you posted (x).

  6. Verrrrry interesting Jana...
    Thank you for the thought, I'll have to think about this...G

  7. 7 things about me? Might take a while but I'll do it!

  8. #3 I find astounding because the smell of gasoline makes me sick to my stomach

    and I bet there's an interesting story (or set of stories) behind #7.

  9. Lol! I loved this! I used to do a regular "Ask Me Anything" Tuesday, but then it just sort of faded away. I might resurrect though, but yesterday's didn't seem to go down that well.
    I'm going to have to think up some new stuff!
    Yes, it's fun to pass around and I used to love the smell of gasoline too, but then I heard that it can become addictive! So that kind of freaked me out a bit! But I'm definitely with you on the theory that everything should be in it's place....if anything has changed or moved, I would know straight away!

  10. Ouch about falling down the stairs. I once broke my arm from jumping off a swing. We were having a swing jumping contest and I wasn't about to let the boys win.

    Thanks for tagging me!

  11. i LOVE that you pushed a girl of the stage during a dance recital! i just laughed so hard! is that wrong?

  12. @Brian Miller-At least some one else has good memories related to the smell of gasoline!

    @Frannie-Pickled garlic? you are a woman after my own heart.

    @Technobabe-OCD just rocks doesn't it?

    @Shrinky-You bet she was! It was more fun for the strangers I might add!

    @g man-Do it please if you want!

    @Ian-It will be well worth the wait, I am sure!

    @Secret Agent Woman-I know not everyone can stand it. It's mostly my clumsiness and a moving vehicle that is responsible for this event taking place!

    @Alice-Thank You again Alice for giving me this chance to remember all this crazy stuff about looking forward to more from you...

    @Whispering Writer-You go girl!You're welcome...can't wait to read yours!

    @alladinsane12-Not if you're my friend...we can laugh at this together.

  13. I loved the smell of gasoline too. Well, that was until I got giddy once. You pushed her from the stage for stealing your act? HAHA

    Glad I found your Blog. I am a follower now...:)

  14. @Mr.Stupid-Trust me i did and i am quite proud of it totally unscrupulous that I am...

    I am glad, that you are glad, that you found my blog, going over to yours now!

  15. Hi Jana,
    I wanted to stop by and say hello. I appreciate all your really nice comments. When I was a teenager, my parents continued watching tv after I stumbled into the den with a twisted ankle moaning and writhing in pain. No wonder I'm so twisted.

  16. @ Lauren- You're welcome lauren, you totally deserve them. Your parents did that? Then, your being twisted is justified!


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