Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What do your stars say?...

Of late I have been reading some astrology predictions which have me in splits. I wonder how I managed to miss this earlier as its excruciatingly funny. Some had me rolling with laughter on the floor while a few others had me petrified, sure that Death would come a- knocking on my door any moment now. Outlined below are a few of these gems purely for your reading pleasure. These predictions give a whole new meaning to advice; advising people against doing certain things or encouraging them to do it and informing them about the wide and varied calamities that are about to befall them.

1) Making the most of opportunities…

You will see improvement in any skin problems you have been having. Use this time to get some family portraits done!

2)It is as if the astrologer is in cahoots with the burglars…

Lock all your doors securely as a break in is indicated today. If you are on the ground floor check twice if all the windows and doors are locked.

3)What can be more satisfying than a fling?...

You may develop a crush on someone today, but will be surprised when it develops into something that is so much more.

4) Do I need to be told this?…

You have a tendency to look for a fairytale romance. In reality, you need a loving partner, not a mythical superhero.

5)Campaign against dining out…

You will feel like you have dined out too much recently. Drink lots of water to cleanse your system. Eat meals from home.

6)Feel free to acquire injuries doing abnormal, unusual activities…

Be careful while climbing stairs, as the likelihood of a fall is high. Avoid injuries obtained during normal, everyday activities.


  1. I think predictions are a waste of time. I mean, yeah...all of those things COULD happen. But now that they have you thinking about them, it probably will.

    Bah I say.
    We'd end up like Meryll Streeps character in the movie a Series of Unfortunate Events.

  2. Not much better than fortune cookies.

    Love the Anne post! I left a comment there too.

  3. Totally agree..if we started obsessing about this we'll all be nervous wrecks in no time. Thank you, i'm glad you liked the post.

  4. I can't believe that people get so obsessed over reading their daily horoscopes! If two people in the same family were Cancerians, what would be the chances of the same things happening to them both on the same day?
    Loved this post! Certainly something to think about...while I'm reading my daily horoscope! I think I'll just pick out Leo, that sounds a good one for today!

  5. I got a fortune cookie the other day that promised improved/deepening relationships with my co-workers. I took it into work to show them, and they assured me it was untrue....

  6. I agree Alice, this would be taking coincidence a bit too far.

    I can't help but laugh Jeanne when I imagine the look on your face when told this bitter truth by your colleagues inspite of the prediction.

  7. Those predictions were a little scary! My horoscope never says anything about home invasion! LOL!

  8. who writes these things? they seem too specific for horoscopes- i always thought horoscopes were suppose to be vague so people will think they apply to their lives i.e. "you will be pleasantly surprised today," not "you will fall off a chair and hit your head this afternoon!"


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