Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Few Things Ninjas Swear By…

I had come across this a while back ( don’t remember when and where) and had found them really funny. I happened to stumble upon them again today as I was looking for some other stuff. Whoever wrote these deserves pure unadulterated praise. I am posting them here for your reading pleasure friends, so enjoy…

- Exercise is important, but jogging is for wimps. plenty of exercise can be had leaping from bushes and kicking joggers in the head.

- Laughter is medicine. ninjas practice the art of inappropriate laughter. laughing when hearing about cancer also shows the ninja’s strength.

- Ninjas occasionally, without warning, stab friends with throwing stars. life is random. ninjas embrace this fact of life.

- Samurais are the source of much stress for ninjas. they think they’re soooooo cool with their armor and swords and those awesome helmets. it’s in a ninja’s best interest not to think about such things.

- When eating the still beating heart of an enemy, ninjas eat it all. there are starving ninjas in africa who dont have any hearts to eat.

-Fiber in your diet is important. ninjas eat the shirt off a complete stranger’s back at least once a week.

- Killing the wrong person happens. ninjas know this. that’s why it’s useless to live in the past


  1. Hi Jana -- I tagged you in Photo Tag over at my blog today!

  2. BAAAHAhahahaahhahahahaaaa! That is awesome. Ninjas seriously rock! I used to be one. I had to retire though because I didn't like the taste of tshirts.

  3. @ Just Jules - You are more than welcome

    @Debra She Who Seeks - Can't wait to going right now once I'm done replying to all you lovely people

    @secret agent woman - its often the silly things that are funny, aren't they?

    @Krista - OMG its so bloody cool that I know a retired Ninja

    @whispering writer - Thanks Hope you enjoyed it a lot.

  4. is it wrong that i laughed the hardest when the rule mentioned laughing when hearing about cancer??

  5. Shhhhhhh! I'm praying (again) for the poor starving Ninjas in Africa.

    A shortage of beating enemy hearts, how terribly awful is THAT! Th United States will have to ship some "BEATING ENEMY Heartichoke Salad" over there right away--Lord knows we have plenty of enemies--grin!

  6. nice post

  7. Great article to read...

  8. lols. hahahaha. lols. this definitely made me laugh. =)


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