Friday, March 26, 2010

No Regrets...

This week has been a blur of work, problems and barely having any time to stop and think. Now that the weekend is near I fully plan on making it up to myself and relax with a few good books and movies over the weekend. I am feeling slightly better now that it is Friday and for a change not screaming my head off. I was just imagining the other day as I sat typing yet another one of my boring pieces at work, what if I stood in the middle of our floor and started screaming like a banshee while swinging a bat around with all my might. I don’t really have to wonder about how my co-workers would react but it sure would be fun, at least a little fun… 

Well for now I have to be content with putting up my Friday Flash 55. If you want to know more about this you can visit these awesome people g-man and monkey man and they both have put their's up. Have a great weekend you guys!!! Here's my 55,

‘I don’t want this baby’

She looked at him and walked away not looking back once.

Looking at her child smiling peacefully in her sleep, she knew that everything she had gone through had been worth this happiness which was almost too much for her to bear.  She pitied him for what he had lost.


  1. Very melancholy. Happy and sad at the same time. the power of so few words.

    My 55 is up

  2. i agree with VL...would hate to lose my kids...but glad they got to stay with mom...nice 55.

    mine is up.

  3. So moving, sad yet also gives hope. Children are so precious, I could not imagine life without mine.

    My 55 is Twisting Roots

  4. Hi Dear

    I came via Technobabe.. I love your blog and enjoy reading it.. Hopefully, we can friends for life through our blog and learn from each others


  5. very moving -- the power of love one has for their children, there's not anything else like it.
    well done.

  6. Jana, I suppose you'd really get their attention if you stood and swung a fruit bat over your head. Just sayin'.

  7. Jana...
    This was very moving and powerful.
    Thank you so much for for this excellent 55.
    You Rock Baby!!
    Please join us again next week, and have a Kick Ass week-End...G

  8. Significant piece of writing. Great 55.

  9. glad you're feeling better! love your flash 55- very thought-provoking!

  10. I like it. She will be the one who reaps the rewards.

  11. @Vodka Logic - It is indeed bittersweet.

    @Brian Miller - That is so scary. Hope no one has to go through anything like it.

    @Peter Stone - They are indeed.

    @ Sunshine - Thanks for your kind words Sabi and of course we will.

    @Jessie - Thank You.

    @Humorsmith - You would like that wouldn't you...

    @G-man - Thank you ,and it means a lot coming from you.

    @Monmey man - Thank You.You're welcome.

    @alladinsane12 - Thanks. this was again written on a whim without much thought. I guess that's the way I'm destined to write.

    @secret agent woman - Thank You. That she should for she truly deserves it...

  12. Hello Jana, great 55! Especially for the mood you were in.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  13. I really like this, Jana. Well done.

    I’m up here.

  14. Seems like Mom made the right decision...nicely done.

  15. @Ocean girl - Thank You, yeah its true I was sad.

    @Pattiken - Thank You.

    @hope - That she did!

  16. Great 55... unfortunately so true in too many cases. I cannot imagine turning my back ion something so precious.

  17. @ Eternally Distracted - But there are people who can be so utterly selfish...such people make me mad


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