Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm just catching up on my sleep...

Oh no!!! Seems like one of those days where I can be a real pain; depressed and high on self pity mixed with a healthy dose of self loathing.

I think I am getting dumber by the day…there’s no use beating around the bush or tip-toeing around this issue anymore, touchy though I may be. I have become as dull as dishwater and am losing all hope of returning to what I took for granted to be my normal self. My brain has turned to a gooey mess of molasses and takes ages to process the simplest of information. I wonder what happened to that person who was interested in a lot of stuff and eager to try new and different things, only a few years back.

These days I consider it a significant achievement if I am able to get my laziness out of bed and go through my things to do for the day, mostly in a robotic fashion if I may add . I seem to have lost total interest, there’s nothing, zilch…nada…nothing at all. My grandma was way sharper at 90 than I am now…Why do I feel so old so suddenly with nothing to look forward to?

I don’t even know the reason I have inflicted this pathetic excuse of a post on you guys; but I had to write down my feelings somewhere, for this to sink in and for me to try and do something about it. Ignore my complaining and try to have a nice weekend.


  1. Awww hey sweetie. Maybe you've been working too much or maybe you need some time for yourself. Take a break and try to enjoy the things that you used to do. I hope you're ok. Try to make the most of the weekend ok?=)

  2. oh no! feel better- you're not getting dumber- if you were, you wouldn't be able to form sentences like those :)

  3.'re not getting dumber, Blogger is getting older. Thanks for the visit and the comments!

  4. Thanks all of you guys...will get some much needed r&r over the weekend and I should be fine...

  5. Good gracious. I can sympathize I- I have days like this. You need a nice long nap and then to get outside and do something.

  6. That's exactly what I plan to do...catch up on my sleep and meet some friends for coffee

  7. Take a bit of a break and have some fun. We all get a dose of Bloggers Block from time to time, and sitting staring at your computer until your forehead bleeds doesn't do any good.
    So, relax, take things easy. Inspiration will come back to you.
    I'm suffering from it a bit myself at the moment, but I still just post some photos or read about things that interest me.
    Cheer up, sweetie, things will get better.
    Big hugs!

  8. Feeling the brain fuzzies? I get this quite often, and it is usually down to eating poorly and not getting enough sleep. Too much bread, too much sugar and coffee. But if I spike my life with lots of fresh veggies I'll perk up within a day or two. It is like throwing the covers back.

    Hope you feel better!


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