Friday, February 12, 2010

Rain Rain...


There is something about rain that makes me feel different than usual, more lighter in spirit and happier in my skin. It is an experience in itself for me and there are various emotions that I associate with it. Rain for me is soothing, joyous, turbulent and forceful, playful on occasions and very rarely annoying too. 

My earliest memory of rain is my being entranced by a light but consistent pitter patter outside, which I observed from my bedroom window. I remember watching how the big fat raindrops made huge muddy pools and made the collected water dance every time a new drop fell. I'm sure I must have sat for hours at that window and felt a quiet satisfaction, which is hard to come by these days. 

Then, there are those times when showing an utter disregard to my mum's threats and pleading, I would stand for a considerable time on the terrace of our house during a heavy downpour. I would dash outside like mad and drag as many people as I could along with me namely, my sisters and cousins. I am not ashamed to admit that this was one of those occasions when i could let myself go and gasp Dance... without feeling self-conscious.          
              There is a certain technique to this exercise though. You have to be able to judge the duration of the rainfall from its intensity and the density of clouds in the sky. What pray would be the purpose of your defying the higher powers and going out to enjoy this only to see it stop abruptly, leaving you to face the music, minus the satisfaction of having enjoyed it.

I totally adore the things associated with this natural phenomenon too. Decking out in my rain gear as I term it is a lot of fun. A colourful raincoat and boots with a lovely umbrella or brolly to go with it. Unlike some people I know, I don't think it a pain to carry these things. Enjoying a steaming mug of coffee, snuggled in bed with an interesting book is one of life's luxuries for me. 

 Those of you, who have spent any amount of time living in a house with a tin roof, would be able to relate with what I'm about to say next. The sound of heavy rain falling on a tin roof is very unique and soothing, despite indications to the contrary. I have spent many a night and afternoon listening to this sound in a trance like state. The only thing I wish wouldn't happen when it rains is when the roads get all muddy and some passing car splashes water on me, catching me totally unawares. It is a shock rude enough to wake up even a catatonic soul like me.

Rainfall, for the place where I come from is a common everyday happening. People go about their daily business without making too much of it. I, however have never been able to take this for granted and think it ordinary. It makes me feel and see everything around me as totally new....the dust washed away, trees and plants green and revitalized, everything is bright and sparkling. Once the rain stops and the clouds dissapear even the Sun seems to shine brighter and the very air seems cleaner and clearer making every breath enjoyable.

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