Thursday, February 11, 2010

Big Words...

Alright I give up! I cannot help but use words that have an old world feel to them and sound pedantic and serious somehow. My sisters have hopefully given up any hopes of my speaking in a language that is comprehensible to them and everyone else around me. I don't think it's right to hold me alone, responsible for this though. I'm sure this trait stems from my wish to be left alone from all those annoying grown ups who would insist on pestering me with their seemingly innocent questions. I would get immense satisfaction by carrying on a lengthy conversation, peppered with words and expressions which they could never have expected from someone who just about reached their knees. I would even go as far as labeling this a unique defense mechanism which I had built up to keep the annoying people at bay.

Speaking in a manner where every sentence seems to mean something more than what is simply being said does have its uses. After a certain point people do get tired of trying to decipher the hidden meaning of what you just said. The only bright spot in my otherwise boring childhood... Reading may have also played a part in this. You cannot help but get acquainted with new and uncommon words and expressions if you are the kind who devours book after book, like i did and still do. I have been told to stop sounding like a granny and to step into the present century, sometimes not very nicely I must say. All of it is in vain though and I have no intentions of making things easier, at least for people I don't like very much. One cannot deny though, there is a certain charm in expressing things the way they did in the days of Yore.

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