Friday, June 11, 2010



I am overwhelmed that even a single one of you has taken the time to miss me, and wonder of wonders ask me to come back. I am deeply touched.

 These past few weeks have been a nightmare what with dirty politics in the office and being forced to work with boorish people. I cannot begin to tell you how rude some people can be and I am unfortunately not capable of handling rudeness. Maybe, this situation would not have been so bad if I was a little less sensitive. There was a nasty scene in the office involving an individual who doesn’t have the slightest clue of how to speak with someone and who thinks he is God’s gift to the workplace.

Anyhoo, best not to dwell on the unpleasant, and try to move on. There have been some other developments in this regard, which I will gradually reveal.
Now, as I cannot help being frivolous and silly on a Friday, let me subject you to one of my 55 word stories…let me know if you survive this…If you want to know more about this rush to the amazing g-man's blog!!!

 “It’s okay for you to love me
Not think twice before saying anything to me
I’ll be there when you are full of doubt
Crying silently, without sound, deep into the heart of the night
You will not have to smile fake smiles
I will go the whole distance with you no matter the miles.’’

Gotcha didn't I? bet you were expecting something hilarious...I wouldn't know how to crack a joke if it killed me...that's just one of my stupid handicaps, my not able to joke or make people laugh.

I have learned to live with myself though and harbour no illusions, atleast in this regard.

Have a great weekend all you guys!


  1. Excellent...the very last line just ties everything in its place!

    Here As always scroll down below my Friday Show N Tell. Have a great weekend!!!

  2. what heartfelt 55.
    thank you for sharing!

  3. there is something about finding someone to go the distance with you...welcome back. nice 55.

  4. Welcome back sweetie! And I hope you enjoy the weekend, at least you get to have time away from that unpleasant coworker. =)

  5. The best part is not having to smile fake smiles. Hooray. So sorry for the yucky pukey crappy work place idiots and attitudes. Hope you are strong and know you can write them all off.

  6. Jana...
    You can ALWAYS find laughter.
    You can't always find LOVE.
    Excellent 55 My Friend...You Rock!
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  7. Play to your strength, I always say, and you have done exactly that. Great 55.

  8. Amazing you managed to come up with such a nice 55 in spite of "God's gift to the workplace."

  9. Welcome back you - I've missed you a whole big lot. Massiveness of missingness.

  10. welcome back...glad you are doing good.
    life can be overwhelming...
    what a beautiful 55!
    mine isup


  11. Welcome back and I hope the work situation gets better.

  12. @Hootin Anni - Thank You. Your's was pretty good too.

    @Jingle - U r welcome. Hope you come to read again!

    @Brian Miller - Thank You. Do I even Have to say anything. I'm pretty much addicted to your 55's by now...

    @ChinkyGirl Mel - I missed you guys too...glad I'm back...

    @Technobabe - I feel so frustrated sometimes, but I'm learning to deal with it...anyway thanks for the support...

    @G Man - How true... Read yours and I was duly impressed!

    @MOnkey Man - Thank You.

    Alice Audrey - I know tell me about the toil and trouble I've had to go thru for this...

    @Eternally Distracted - Ha ha only you could express your emotions in such a subtle manner...I've missed you too and a lot!

    Sh@kir@ - Thanks. I'm glad to have someone rooting for me...

    @Secret Agent Woman - There are some problems to which there is just no solution. You are right...we can only hope for things to get better


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