Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting the hang of things once again...


I am excited to a somewhat unknown degree to be making these cute little notes and posting them. I swear that making them is one half of the excitement and the other half is all the comments you guys leave showing your enjoyment of them!
Though I only have a few of them today, I assure you they came straight from my heart.

 I don’t know if you guys know about my somewhat obsessive nature but I seem to have found something new to obsess about. I promise you will be hearing a lot more about this in the coming few days. Let’s see if you guys can guess what this obsession is!!! Au revoir!

If you want to know more about post-it-tuesdays go to the lovely Supahmommy




  1. Bite-sized funnies seem even funnier on a post-it note -- I don't know why!?

  2. The post it notes are really fun. I haven't watched TV for over four years but I used to really like Two And A Half Men too. I would laugh out loud.

  3. We are also so into Two & a Half Men - still! So glad to hear two more years of Charlie!

  4. @Alice in Wonderland-I know they are so much fun...

    @Debra She Who Seeks- Coz Good things come in small sizes

    @TechnoBabe-It IS perfect in every way...

    @Cara Smith-Sheldon is out of this world, I agree!

    @Shell-I know it's so typically him!

    @Baby Sweetness-It's so funny...

    @Sara- I know...it wouldn't be the same without him!


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